The Brevet to release new EP E M B E R S: Ch. 2 in August, video for first single “Be Your Man” debuts

The Brevet 1

Official press release:

Michael and I have always been inspired by film composers like Thomas Newman. As we started The Brevet and writing songs, those influences started coming out. I think that’s why our music has been labeled as ‘Epic Americana’.”

Says lead vocalist/guitarist Aric Chase Damm of Southern California-based band The Brevet. Their new EP E M B E R S: Ch. 2 (release date: August 5, 2016) is a perfect representation of that, replete with sweeping orchestral Americana, unforgettable choruses and emotive lyrics that capture and captivate. Pre-orders for E M B E R S: Ch. 2 kicked off on Friday here just as the band was getting ready to take the stage at Milwaukee’s Summerfest.

Launching with the pastoral “Meet Me in The Night”, E M B E R S: Ch. 2 is five tracks of gritty vocals, propulsive rhythms and melodies that go on for days, telling stories of love – both lost and gained, which goes along quite well with the title. Michael Jones (backing vocals/piano) adds:

“Although it is defined as a smoldering fire or a fire on its way out it, we look at embers as the last chance to reignite that fire. To bring it back to life. That’s how we define the title and the album track… finding a love that you had not expected, a love that brings your heart back to life.”

The soaring ballad “Hold On” is equally as powerful, with Damm explaining:

‘Hold on’ is one track that’s pretty close to my heart. I wrote that song when I was contemplating continuing this career and path with these guys. There is a line in that song ‘hold on to me”‘ and most think it’s meant in a romantic way. That line is meant to literally mean hold on to the pieces that make you you. Don’t lose sight of that.”

The heart-wrenching first single “Be Your Man” (“a story of life and love at its most stripped down form”) is paired with a crowd-sourced video in which live footage was submitted by fans and compiled into an arresting video, displaying the band’s organic reach with their audience. He says:

“All of the ‘Be Your Man’ video was either shot by us or by fans during our most recent run of the east coast. It’s really cool to have these clips of the song come in. Hopefully it says we have some great people and fans in our life!”

The video can be viewed here:

E M B E R S: Ch. 2 EP track listing:

1. “Meet Me In The Night”
2. “Embers”
3. “Be Your Man”
4. “There With You”
5. “Hold On”

The Brevet 2

The Brevet is:

Aric Chase Damm – lead vocals, guitar
Michael Jones – backing vocals, piano
David Aguiar – backing vocals, drums
Ben Ross – bass, backing vocals

Tour dates:

7/22 – Fullerton | Slidebar
8/13 – Bethlehem, PA | Musikfest 2016
8/20 – Torrey, UT | Goosenecks