The Brevet release “Hold On” music video

The Brevet have a new music video (which the band shot in one take) out for their track “Hold On”. Singer Aric Chase Damm comments:

“I wrote this when trying to figure out if I still wanted to pursue this career. There is a line in it that says ‘Hold on to me’ and most people assume that’s meant in a romantic way. It’s meant to mean hold on to the pieces that make you you and don’t get swayed by all of the other distractions.

Regarding the clip, Damm adds:

“It’s funny. We had actually planned for an entirely different video with our director and good friend Sarah Wilson Thacker. It was suppose to be an outside shoot but when we got to the location and saw how windy it was we knew it wouldn’t work for a live performance. Sarah, the guys, and I headed back to our studio space which was in the process of being torn down. She came up with the idea of shooting a one-take (no cuts or edits) right there. Probably the most fun we’ve had filming a video!”

The song is taken from the group’s upcoming Embers EP, which hits stores on August 5th. You can pre-order it ahead of its release on iTunes.

[via Pop Matters]