Official press release:

The Black Dahlia Murder have partnered with to exclusively debut the scathing, new track, “Receipt”, from the band’s new full-length album, Abysmal, which comes out on September 18th on Metal Blade Records.

Trevor Strnad (vocals) states:

“The song, ‘Receipt’, is a very personal and emotional one for me. I wrote the lyrics in my darkest hour, when anxiety had bested me and self loathing had come to an ultimate head. I was alone. I felt like I couldn’t create anything, and I was about to lose all that in life that I hold dear to me to failure. The song was a cathartic release and I hope it can be some kind of help to someone out there who feels the same darkness. I truly love the song and I feel like its one of the best this band has ever written, and I thank you all for listening.”

Pre-order Abysmal here.

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