The Amsterdam Red Light District debut “Carry On” video

Band: The Amsterdam Red Light District
Song: “Carry On”
Album: Sapere Aude
Release Date: March 2nd, 2018
Label: Red Light Records

The band said of the single:

“We wanted to play on the concept of madness with this song. This world makes us lose ourselves, and sometimes we lose control. Each of us do have a normal side, and a crazy alter-ego on the other side. This interactive music video plays on this, with an opposition between a soft version of the band and the crazier version. Both teams take a look at each other. The bright side tries to keep calm while the dark side shows the fury. Which alter-ego are you today? Choose your team!”


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  • Sapere Aude track listing:

    1. “Nobody Moves Like You”
    2. “The Best Is Yet To Come”
    feat. Liam Cormier
    3. “Need”
    4. “Wild Life”
    5. “Carry On”
    6. “Over The Fence”
    7. “Waiting For The Day”
    8. “The Whole City Burns”
    9. “Evil Stackholders”
    10. “Sapere Aude”

    Tour dates:

    3/03 – Stamford, UK | Mama Liz’s Voodoo Lounge
    3/04 – Rhyl, UK | The North
    3/06 – Leeds, UK | Santiago Bar
    3/07 – Canterbury, UK | Chromos
    3/08 – London, UK | The Sebright Arms
    3/09 – Bridgwater, UK | The Cobblestones
    3/10 – Cheltenham, UK | Frong & Fiddle
    3/23 – Lyon, FR | Hardrock Cafe
    3/24 – Paris, FR | Bus Palladium
    5/12 – Granollers/Barcelona, ES | Dr├ástik Punkaires
    5/13 – Alicante, ES | Marearock
    5/15 – Almeria, ES | La Cueva
    5/19 – Madrid, ES | Entre Darts Rock

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