The Agonist have released a music video for their new song “The Moment”. Frontwoman Vicky Psarakis comments:

‘The Moment’ was probably the most exciting and demanding video I had to shoot so far. Chris (bassist/FTB Visuals director) came up to me with the idea to create a ‘storyline’ with a close up of just my face singing the lyrics underwater.

And we achieved it by building a box with a plexi glass panel that fit my head, while the rest of my body was standing and perfectly dry. I guess you could say it was scary and awkward to have just your head submerged underwater and a bit dangerous to have to perform the entire song in that position, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing the whole thing all over again!”

The track is taken from the group’s upcoming Napalm Records debut, Five. The record arrives on September 30th, but pre-orders are available via the label now at the label’s webstore and iTunes.

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