Band: The Absence
Song: “This Consuming Nocturne”
Album: Coffinized
Release Date: June 25th, 2021
Label: M-Theory Audio

Drummer Jeramie Kling said of the track:

“This song really strikes a chord with me! It resonates deeply. The lyrical content alone makes this tune a blast to play! I love all the little change ups that happen along the way, Taylor’s riffs are the perfect battleground to drive a fast tank through. Enjoy as much as I did! Also, enjoy the bit of Florida wildlife at the beginning, we live here, it’s more than moving pictures.”

Vocalist, Jamie Stewart adds:

Jeramie’s drumming on ‘This Consuming Nocturne’ is just flat out fantastic. It’s a huge component of why I adore the song as much as I do! So being able to watch the Machine in action, it never gets old, EVER!!!”