Thanksgiving break has arrived!

I doubt many outside of my personal friends and acquaintances know this but I work as a high school math teacher. I’m still in the infancy of my career so a large chunk of my time is dedicated to preparing presentations and grading. I need a day job because this page doesn’t generate income for me. It’s undoubtedly my passion, music has been for a long time. So, right now I don’t get to spend too much time sharing news as I’d like because I have to earn a living. I just wanted to share in my excited that Thanksgiving break has begun so I’ll be catching up with this week’s news and probably be up to date with the weekly stories as I have a week off. This isn’t normally a space I use for personal stuff but it’s something that is exciting for me and I wanted to share that. Any opportunity to share the latest in rock, metal, and the other genres that I cover is cause for celebration because it’s pretty tough to dedicate myself to what is a hobby, possibly career if I play my cards right (fingers crossed).

Anyway, I’m stoked. I have lots of grading and school-related stuff to do but I also have plenty of time to focus on this. Time to play catch up with this week! “New” stuff coming at you this afternoon!