Terrorizer premiere new song “Invasion”

Band: Terrorizer
Song: “Invasion”
Album: Caustic Attack
Release Date: October 12th, 2018
Label: The End Records

Guitarist Lee Harrison comments:

“We are proud to finally unveil the new track from Caustic Attack. We made sure this album is unrelenting and ‘Invasion’ is a good start on the journey. This album is a punisher so be warned. A short and fast blasting dose of Pete Sandoval in his element. We look forward to playing this one live.”


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  • Caustic Attack track listing:

    1. “Turbulence”
    2. “Invasion”
    3. “Conflict And Despair”
    4. “Devastate”
    5. “Crisis”
    6. “Infiltration”
    7. “The Downtrodden”
    8. “Trench Of Corruption”
    9. “Sharp Knives”
    10. “Failed Assassin”
    11. “Caustic Attack”
    12. “Poison Gas Tsunami”
    13. “Terror Cycles”
    14. “Wasteland”

    [via Decibel]