Official press release:

Tengger Cavalry – the nomadic Mongolian folk metal group whose exotic sound has been praised by outlets ranging from Metal Hammer and Terrorizer to Billboard and CNN – has signed with M-Theory Audio. The band’s new album is expected to be released in June and will be supported by a five-week North American tour and performances at several European summer festivals. Further details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

M-Theory Audio is the new label recently launched by Marco Barbieri, former president of Century Media Records and Nuclear Blast America.

Barbieri says:

Tengger Cavalry is one of the most unique new bands, and I’ve been impressed how Nature Ganganbaigal and the group developed themselves to this point independently. By teaming up with an old friend, Dawn Robinson, as management and now working with us at M-Theory Audio, I’m excited by the upward possibilities the future holds and the fun and breakthroughs possible with their themes and great music.”

Tengger Cavalry frontman Nature Ganganbaigal adds:

“To work with Marco, who was an integral part of Century Media, and M-Theory Audio is Tengger Cavalry‘s greatest honor. We are excited to bring on our next ‘raid’ together with the mighty M-Theory!”