Mongolian folk metal outfit Tengger Cavalry have done something a little out of the ordinary; considering their contents usually centers around history, metal, and cultural issues. They’ve given two hits by Canadian pop punk Avril Lavigne a Mongolian folk metal makeover. Embedded below are streams of their covers of “My Happy Ending” and “Sk8er Boi”. Frontman Nature Ganganbaigal commented:

“Recording this track was one of the weirdest ideas I have ever had. Generally, I find that the metal community dislikes pop stuff a lot, but Avril, she does have some good hooks! ‘My Happy Ending’ has some cool leads and I figured I could spin it around with some Morin Khuur and Mongolian fiddle. I also wanted to use this opportunity to experiment a bit with my clean vocal performance. But, all in all, we just did this for fun. We hope our fans like it!”

Both song are available digitally on iTunes.

[via Alternative Press]