Teloch Vovin announce series of mini-releases Psalms Of Khaos and split LP with Grave Gnosis

Teloch Vovin 3

Official press release:

Directly following their recently-unleashed Further Down The Tunnel EP, New York City-based back metal coven Teloch Vovin hereby declares several new recordings to see release over the next year, including an impending series of Psalms Ov Khaos mini-releases and a split LP with Grave Gnosis.

While the generally tormented death-influenced black arts of Teloch Vovin are intermittently interjected by more electronic/ambient instrumentation and occult ceremonial soundscapes, the prime directive of the Psalms Ov Khaos series is to first and foremost expand upon these elements with much more intensity in line with the purpose and theology ofthe band. As with their recent Further Down The Tunnel EP, self-released on the Fall Equinox in September, the upcoming Psalms Ov Khaos recordings will be issued on the Spring and Fall Equinoxes and Summer and Winter Solstices, with the first installment, “Psalm Ov Khaos-Orobas Invocato”, now confirmed to see release on the upcoming Winter Solstice, December 21st. While each Psalm is to be initially released digitally, Teloch Vovin will later amass the works to be pressed onto a physical package as well.

Teloch Vovin will also be joining forces with Florida black metal cult Grave Gnosis for a split 12″ vinyl release to be unleashed sometime mid-2016, with additional recordings also in the works for next year. Additional information on all of these impending works will be announced throughout the bleak Winter months ahead.