SxuperioN to release Myriad EP via Bloody Mountain Records, stream title track

Official press release:

Sierra Mountains-dwelling cosmic blackened death project SxuperioN will unleash the mutilating Myriad EP next month via Bloody Mountain Records.

SxuperioN is the solo project of Valdur, Weverin, and Endless Blizzard drummer Matthew S. The final nail in the cosmic coffin, the Myriad EP follows the musical and instrumental path laid by the 2016-issued Cosmic Void offering centering itself on the view of a world being governed by human insecurities through the eyes of a space traveler. When the chariot is full, it is time leaveā€¦to beyond the Cosmic Corridors. This EP is swathed in atmosphere with a creamy, claustrophobic, extreme metal filling. All space-cannons, fret-board wavelengths, vacuum hymns, and molecular control panel mixings were captured at the Bloody Mountain Bunker and Canyon Lodge Studio by Matthew S. with mastering by Sean Psykho Combat at the Ritual Room. Myriad will see official release on CD and digitally September 1st.

Pre-orders will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, sample the title track here:

Myriad EP track listing:

1. “Catastrophe Column”
2. “Continuum”
3. “Myriad”
4. “Iniquitous”
5. “Unecumenical Current”
6. “Beyond The Cosmic Corridors”