Sunflower Dead drop “Victim” music video

Band: Sunflower Dead
Song: “Victim”
Director: Matt Zane
Album: C O M A
Release Date: October 19th, 2018
Label: EMP Label Group

Vocalist Michael Del Pizzo said of the single:

‘Victim’, the song itself, is an extension of the pummeling out of my frustration and finally letting go of unwanted people, situations and feelings that I can no longer keep and still retain a positive outlook on life. As far as the video, I told Matt I wanted something raw, dirty and ferocious, kinda like Pantera’s ‘I’m Broken’ video, to get the song’s meaning across and show SFD in a no bullshit manner. He delivered, and gave us a phenomenal look to reintroduce Sunflower Dead to the world.”


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