Band: Sunflower Dead
Song: “Damn My Eyes”
Director: Matt Zane (Lord Zane Productions)
Album: March of the Leper
Release Date: August 5th, 2022
Label: Bloody Bat Records

On the record’s release, the group offered:

“Getting March of the Leper released has been a back and forth nightmare behind the scenes for us over the past year and a half. Now that all that bullshit is done, we are happy to get it out for our Evil Seeds. This album is us at our most unaffected by anything else going on in the music world which led to us to a very honest look into who we are. The result is 9 tracks of Fuck It, If You Don’t Care then We Don’t Care and We’ll Just Do What We Do. Cheers to all the Outcasts!”


March of the Leper track listing:

  1. “The Underneath”
  2. “Distance for Levity”
  3. “Damn My Eyes”
  4. “Never Tear Us Apart”
  5. “Falling Down”
  6. “Walk Away”
  7. “Piece of Mind”
  8. “Who’s Laughing Now”
  9. “March of the Leper/Cadaver Sightings”
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