Sunflo’er stream new song “Inverted Cross Tattoo”

Band: Sunflo’er
Song: “Inverted Cross Tattoo”
Album: No Hell
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
Label: Noise Salvation

Streaming exclusively via No Clean Singing.

The band issued the following statement regarding the track:

“The title is a direct homage to a dear friend of the band, Rob Ramsay, who wears such a tattoo behind his right ear as a charm against lawmen. The track itself spans a great deal of sonic territory from our collective wheelhouse. The opening riffs cite any number of atonal, offbeat influences from the mathcore oeuvre, transitions into some power-chording a la Cursed, then ends on a groove in eleven that’s essentially a love letter to Don Caballero. We have a habit of kicking off rehearsals with improvised Don Cab-esque jams and that particular riff was undoubtedly the result of one such session.”


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