Band: Sunflo’er
Song: “straight to vhs”
Album: all these darlings and now me
Release Date: September 2nd, 2022
Label: Dark Trail Records

Drummer/vocalist Ethan Shantie offers:

‘straight to vhs’ is a Thin Lizzy song written by Cursed. It’s about driving five-hundred miles in a single night, when your cell service is no good, so you finally switch over to FM radio and somehow find a classic rock station along the dial between opera and Midwest Baptist sermons, but somehow you’re still thirty minutes from home no matter how close you get, and the clock on the dash is always at 1:00am. Sunflo’er puts the mullet back in mathcore by daring to make it listenable.”


all these darlings and now me track listing:

  1. “straight to vhs”
  2. “a bombastic return to form for these bay area rockers”
  3. “cryptfucker”
  4. “brand new everything”
  5. “here end the roads and days”
  6. “big city shotgun”
  7. “7 trumpets in astoria”
  8. “someday you will control the birds”
  9. “all these darlings and now me”

[via No Echo]

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