Listen to a new Street Sects song, titled “Our Lesions”, check it out below. The group said of the track:

“Have you ever loved someone who didn’t love themselves? Have you ever loved someone because they didn’t love themselves? Have you ever fantasized about killing someone you loved? Have you ever fantasized about killing yourself? Have you ever walked alone down a crowded street and felt the camera of your mind pull back away from yourself, into the sky, so that you could see yourself crawling among the other rats, just as ugly but somehow different, somehow better? Have you ever wanted to wave your hand through the air and feel the people around you break and shatter like glass, splintering into silence, leaving you standing there alone, the master of your own private reality? Have you ever wished with all of your heart that you had the power to just fucking end everything?

‘Our Lesions’ is perhaps the song we are most proud of on End Position, in part because I think it manages to combine most of the feelings we wanted to convey on this record into one song.”

“Our Lesions” is taken from the duo’s upcoming debut album End Position. The effort is slated to arrive on September 16th via The Flenser. Pre-orders are now available at the label’s webstore.

[via Impose Magazine]

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