Band: Stray From The Path
Song: “Needful Things”
Director: Anthony Altamura
Album: Euthanasia
Release Date: September 9th, 2022
Label: UNFD

Guitarist/singer Tom Williams shared of the new song:

‘Needful Things‘ is about facing the broken system that is in America. We have more homes than houseless people. We have the wealthy 1% making trillions over the pandemic, while the people lost their asses. Capitalism does not work for people, and it is failing before our eyes. As the younger generation becomes more aware of this, people need to be asking other people…are you in or in the way?”


Euthanasia track listing:

  1. “Needful Things”
  2. “May You Live Forever”
  3. “III”
  4. “Guillotine”
  5. “Chest Candy”
  6. “Bread & Roses” feat. Jesse Barnett
  7. “Law Abiding Citizen”
  8. “The Salt in Your Spit”
  9. “Neighbourhood Watch”
  10. “Ladder Work”
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