Band: Story Untold
Song: “Drown In My Mind”
Album: Waves
Release Date: February 2nd, 2018
Label: Hopeless Records

Regarding the new single and album frontman Janick Thibault says:

‘Drown In My Mind’ is the song that was the easiest to write for me. The past few years of my life have been hard for me on a personal level, and back when I fell on hard times, I wish I would’ve had a song like that to listen to, to tell me ‘it’s ok to feel like that.’ Sonically, I think it sets the mood to the whole album. Our album, called Waves, is definitely more mature lyrically and musically than what we put out in the past. I think it’s the perfect balance between catchy fun pop punk songs and more mature heartfelt songs. We hope you guys are gonna dig the songs as much as we do!”


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  • Waves track listing:

    1. “In Or Out”
    2. “The 3ND”
    3. “Drown In My Head”
    4. “Delete”
    5. “Dreams That We Don’t Share”
    6. “California”
    7. “Matches In The Ocean”
    8. “Invisible”
    9. “Up 2 You”
    10. “All The Same (Once A Liar, Always A Life)”
    11. “Chasing Feelings”