Band: Stoned Jesus
Song: “CON”
Director: Sergii Sliusar
Album: “CON” (single)
Release Date: August 16th, 2022
Label: Season of Mist

Lead vocalist/guitarist Igor Sydorenko comments on the track:

‘CON’ is a pure experiment, a crossroad of many ‘what if’s’ – what if we play a Motorik-type beat in some weird time signatures, what if every word in the lyrics starts with ‘con-,’ what if the song is constantly evolving despite its short runtime, etc. I’m really happy that trying all these things led to this absolutely brilliant result! Also the guys in the band not only embraced my ideas but also helped on other levels, too: Dmytro (drums) recorded and mixed the whole thing, and Sergii (bass) did the video. Enjoy!”