Neurosis guitarist/vocalist Steve Von Till has released the title track off his forthcoming solo release A Life Unto Itself. The song can be heard above courtesy of The Quietus. Von Till offers:

“When you make a big life decision and then you hear a raven’s call out in the sky, it wasn’t chance-it was an affirmation, it was meant for you, even if that might seem ridiculous in a conventional sense. When you hear a melody and it takes you back a thousand years to a memory you’re not even sure you were a part of. When folklore and history become ways of how you see the world, it allows things to become more mystical and take on deeper meaning. When you’re walking through ordinary, mundane situations, you have this frame of reference that takes on great personal significance beyond surviving the day-to-day: It’s surviving the day-to-day with meaning.”

The track listing and cover art for the effort have also been released and can be found below:

A Life Unto Itself track listing:

1. “In Your Wings”
2. “A Life Unto Itself”
3. “A Language Of Blood”
4. “Night Of The Moon”
5. “Birch Bark Box”
6. “Chasing Ghosts”
7. “Known But Not Named”