French black metal duo Spektr are streaming a brand new track titled “Through The Darkness Of Future Past”. The song is taken from the band’s upcoming new effort The Art To Disappear, which will hit stores on January 29th via Agonia Records. The band offered on the new album:

The Art To Disappear is the 5th gate opened on Spektr multiple realities, a fifth Arcane to a demanding Experience where Putrefaction is a necessity to Sublimation. A noxious feel of violent reaction generates under and over tones exploration from the terrifying to the fascinating. Never has it been such Intangible in a yet grim and solid audio Manifestation alledging that what you hear, like what you see is just a small corridor narrowing a larger Grand Design – Thus, the Art as the incarnation disappearance behind the Absolute. We have seen illusion and reality began to overlap and fuse… the line between them begins to disappear”.

The cover art and track listing can be found below; pre-orders are available at the label’s webstore.

The Art To Disappear track listing:

1. “Again”
2. “Through The Darkness Of Future Past”
3. “Kill Again”
4. “From The Terrifying To The Fascinating”
5. “That Day Will Definitely Come”
6. “Soror Mystica”
7. “Your Flesh Is A Relic”
8. “The Only One Here”
9. “The Art To Disappear”

Spektr 1