The Devil Wears Prada - 2015

The Devil Wears Prada latest release, Space EP, has landed and it is out of this world! (I had to go there) The six-track effort sees the band exploring intergalactic themes and bringing a collection of songs that pummel the listener intensely without foregoing songwriting.

Every song is the perfect soundtrack for the story that it tells. The songs on Space feature musical prowess with lyrical finesse that make for great story-telling, while showcasing the band’s talents as musicians. Opening track “Planet A” – which tells the story of an interstellar explorer named Elizabeth who captains a ship that suffers a horrible malfunction – is heavy, yet melodic in a way that complements the story such that you can’t help but sympathize for the protagonist. Then there’s “Alien”, the effort’s heaviest track that boasts heavy riffs and hard-hitting drums that amplify the sense of dread and urgency presented in the lyrics. The nod to the movie Aliens is also a pleasant inclusion on the song.

The only bump in the road for me comes from the instrumental track “Celestial Mechanics”. It’s a fantastic interlude and serves its purpose, giving you a moment to breathe and take in the experience thus far, but I was hoping for another rocker to bang my head to.

The last song I will mention is the EP’s closer “Asteroid”, a phenomenal piece with a powerful message about humanity that goes beyond telling the story of the Earth’s impending demise. The shining moment on the song begins around the halfway point, where things slow down and vocalist Mike Hranica addresses the senseless hatred of the world and the fact that in the end it doesn’t matter – especially in a cataclysmic event like an asteroid colliding with the Earth.

Space see the band firing on all cylinders, with a tight performance that runs like a well-oiled machine. The Devil Wears Prada have demonstrated that they are a still at the top of their game a decade after their inception. I – along with many others I’m sure – am looking forward to what the band will follow it up with.

Space is available now through Rise Records and can be purchased here. A full stream of the EP is also available and can be heard below:

Space EP track listing:

1. “Planet A”
2. “Alien”
3. “Moongod”
4. “Celestial Mechanics”
5. “Supernova”
6. “Asteroid”

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