Sorrow Plagues 1

Official press release:

Sorrow Plagues debut self titled release is nothing short of mesmerizing. Period. After the release of three exceptional EP’s from 2014-2015, mastermind David Lovejoy finally gives us a treat with this new full length album. An album everyone with half an experimental ear should experience.

Sorrow Plagues brand of Black Metal is unafraid and willing to venture into the unknown. Aggressive and heaven-tearing noise quickly spirals into beautiful melodies which is a big aspect he continues to use throughout this album. It’s dynamic and surprising; David Lovejoy’s leanest, most rewarding and most accessible release to date.

With listeners describing a wide spectrum of experiences delivered by the music with some saying “it calms the soul right down” to saying that it’s “Strongly recommended if you like depressive atmosphere” Sorrow Plagues is set for release digitally Feb 8, 2016.

Pre-order now via Bandcamp.

Sorrow Plagues is:

David Lovejoy – All instruments

Sorrow Plagues 2