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Portland, OR stoner rock band Sons Of Huns – which features Danava guitarist Pete Hughes – will be releasing their sophomore effort While Sleeping Stay Awake this summer through RidingEasy Records. Investigating some of the universe’s most daunting questions on the album, Hughes comments on what inspired the record:

“I got bit by a damned bacteria-ridden tick in the Virginia woods when I was a teen. I got Lyme Disease, among other things, leaving me now 16 years later with chronic pain and illness and searching for answers to questions that no one seems to have answers for. That’s at the heart of While Sleeping Stay Awake. Its themes include Raja Yoga, meditation, Egyptian magic, occult and Hermetic philosophy, our connection with the stars and cycles of life, death, and rebirth.”

While Sleeping Stay Awake was recorded with producer Toshi Kasai at his Sound of Sirens Studio. Hughes adds:

“We’re a heavy rock band, no frills, we turn up and let it rip. Playing this music is cathartic, and we hope this album captured that.”

The effort’s been scheduled for release on July 21st, with pre-orders currently available here (LP/CD) and here (download).

The band have released two tracks off the release so far. Stream “An Evil Unseen” – which features Scott “Wino” Weinrich of St. Vitus – and “Philosopher’s Stone” – featuring Melvins drummer Dale Crover providing additional percussion – below.

[“An Evil Unseen” via Noisey]

[“Philosopher’s Stone” via CVLT Nation]

While Sleeping Stay Awake track listing:

1. “Osiris Slain”
2. “Ad Astra”
3. “An Evil Unseen”
4. “Eye in The Sky”
5. “Philosopher’s Stone”
6. “Alchemist Part I”
7. “Alchemist Part II”
8. “While Sleeping Stay Awake”
9. “The Reaper is Waiting For You”

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