Another track off Gridfailure and Megalophobe‘s upcoming collaboration Dendritic, titled “Coils Of Rope Still Sway From The Timbers”, is streaming; take it in below. Megalophobe‘s Benjamin Levitt said of the track:

“Like a crumbling sea shanty, the opening accordion line fades with an unstable lilt under layers of cold electronics; a mood that inspired the title, taken from a description of the remains of a long sunken ship, slowly decaying in mineral rich waters. Brenner and Levitt alternate verses of abused and decomposed vocals, ghostly screams, the last curses of sailors going down with their ship — no singalong (you wouldn’t want to). Coils drifts, not without form but neither with definite shape, taking its time at the bottom, quiet never peaceful,”

Dendritic arrives this April 28th and is available for pre-orders at each group’s Bandcamp here and here.

[via Blow The Scene]