Solence stream new songs “Speechless” & “Push Me To The Edge”

Band: Solence
Song: “Speechless” and “Push Me To The Edge”
Album: Deafening
Release Date: September 10th, 2021
Label: ONErpm

On “Speechless”, frontman Markus Videsäter shared:

“This song is very special to us in a lot of ways. It’s a very different sound compared to what we’ve done before, and it’s one of the first songs where we felt that we really found the message that we wanted Solence to stand for. ‘Speechless’ is about the actual moment when you accomplish something that you never thought was possible, and how that affects you. For me, the song is mainly about my fantasies playing our first tour. I can’t wait!!”

Regarding “Push Me To The Edge”, Videsäter offered:

“Story time! When we first started out we actually had a guy come up to us and said that we should change our singer! He actually thought I was the producer of the band so he said it straight to my face. That sparked something in me, I wanted to prove him wrong. So I practiced and practiced and got better, and here we are today! So when I get Pushed to the edge, I only go harder back at ya!”