Slow Talk streaming new single “Golden”; detail New Vernacular EP

Band: Slow Talk
Song: “Golden”
Album: New Vernacular EP
Release Date: April 27th, 2018

Guitarist Ash Fuller describes the single as:

“an exploration of our desire for people that physically fit the ideals we look for in a partner, whether they be people we briefly encounter in our daily lives, models we see on Instagram, or celebrities. It discusses our ability to extrapolate the little we know of these people and develop high opinions of them.”

Vocalist James Butler described the process of writing the EP:

New Vernacular forms a coming-of-age journal, capturing the dire and challenging internal dialogue experienced throughout periods of grief and transformation. The song-writing process was a relentless and cathartic necessity for us, something that is reiterated in the record’s pervading sense of honesty and release.”


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  • New Vernacular EP track listing:

    1. “Disclaimer”
    2. “Golden”
    3. “For What It’s Worth”
    4. “New Vernacular”
    5. “Late Bloomer”