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Photo by Ester Segarra

Skuggsjá — the outfit made up of Enslaved guitarist Ivar Bjørnson and Wardruna mastermind Einar Selvik — have revealed the details for their upcoming Season Of Mist debut, titled A Piece For Mind & Mirror. The record is scheduled for release on March 11th. The band have also debuted a new track off the release titled “Vitkispá”, of which Bjørnson comments:

“It was not easy to pick one song to reveal as we are extremely proud of them all. We chose ‘Vitkispá‘, because this song represents the sound, the atmosphere, and energy on the entire album very well. It flows and ebbs, with Einar‘s signature vocals and my wall-to-wall guitars. ‘Vitkispá‘ is sung in archaic Norse tongue, and deals with the cyclical nature of Norse mythology and existence; ebbing and flowing like nature and life itself. Check it out, you will not be disappointed!”

A Piece For Mind & Mirror track listing:

1. “Ull Kjem”
2. “Skuggsjá”
3. “Makta Og Vanæra (I All Tid)”
4. “Tore Hund”
5. “Rop Frå Røynda – Mælt Frå Minne”
6. “Skuggeslåtten”
7. “Kvervandi”
8. “Vitkispá”
9. “Bøn Om Ending – Bøn Om Byrjing”
10. “Ull Gjekk”

Skuggsjá 3

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