Sirenia debute “Dim Days Of Dolor” music video


Symphonic metallers Sirenia have released the official video for the title track of their new album Dim Days Of Dolor. The new album is out now through Napalm Records and can be picked up at the label’s webstore and on iTunes.

Dim Days Of Dolor track listing:

1. “Goddess Of The Sea”
2. “Dim Days Of Dolor”
3. “The 12th Hour”
4. “Treasure n’Treason”
5. “Cloud Nine”
6. “Veil Of Winter”
7. “Ashes To Ashes”
8. “Elusive Sun”
9. “Playing With Fire”
10. “Fifth Column”
11. “Aeon’s Embrace”
12. “Aeon’s Embrace”
(French version, bonus track)