Simulacrum 1

Official press release:

As Yngwie J. Malmsteen could comment on the recent line-up change in the Simulacrum camp; More is more! Simulacrum warmly welcomes vocalist Erik Kraemer (third from left in photo above) as an additional singer to the band. His singing style will be a great asset both live and on the next studio album that is currently being written and is heading towards the modern realms of djent. Even though Erik represents the high pitched traditional power metal sound, the coloring of his voice differs from Niklas’ in a way that lets them both shine and it is easy to spot which one of them is singing on the songs.

Simulacrum released their second album Sky Divided in August 2015 via Inverse Records.

Simulacrum are:

Niklas Broman – Vocals
Erik Kraemer – Vocals
Chrism – Keyboards
Solomon – Guitar
Petri Mäkilä – Guitar
Olli Hakala – Bass/Chapman Stick
Henri Kallio – Drums