Signs of the Swarm release video for new single “Totem”; detail new album, Absolvere

Pennsylvania deatcore outfit Signs of the Swarm have premiered the music video for a brand new single titled “Totem”. You can listen/watch below. Additionally, the group announce the release of their fourth studio album, Absolvere. The effort is set to arrive September 24th on Unique Leader Records. Speaking of “Totem”, drummer/producer Bobby Crow comments:

‘Totem’ is a solid cross section of what to expect from Absolvere. Crushing riffs collide with insane drumming, all layered underneath explosive yet memorable vocals. We turned Dave (vocals) up in the mix, yet it doesn’t take away from the musicality at all; it complements it. Oh yeah, and this is far from the heaviest track on the album, so get ready.”

On the video, frontman David Simonich continues:

“I’m incredibly proud not only of the music and lyrics but also the video we did with Eric DiCarlo of SquareUp Studios. I get super involved with the visual aspect of our videos. In this case, I worked on the burning book, body paint and hands. The hands grasping at me is a metaphor for us being pulled in different directions. The book is a reference to the line ‘bled my blood in the pages,’ which highlights us pouring our life into the band. The fire symbolizes how difficult dedication to the band makes managing the rest of our life. We wouldn’t have it any other way, though.”

Speaking of the record, Crow offered:

Absolvere makes good on the musicality we were striving for on Vital Deprivation and combines it with the eerie atmosphere and brutality on our first two albums. We added a myriad of new sounds, techniques and vocal styles as we collectively composed each song from the ground-up.”

Absolvere features guest spots from Shadow of Intent’s Ben Duerr and Despised icon’s Alex Erian. Pre-order Absolvere on physical and digital platforms now at this location.

Absolvere track listing:

  1. “Hymns ov Invocation”
  2. “Boundless Manifestations”
  3. “Dreaming Desecration”
  4. “Totem”
  5. “Nameless”
  6. “Revelations ov a Silent King”
  7. “Hollow Prison” ft. Alex Erian
  8. “Blood Seal” ft. Ben Duerr
  9. “Death Whistle”