Official press release:

Sixteen years after the third volume launched, the fourth and final volume of Teach Your Soul With Fire is now unleashed, and the circle complete. Set for international release on November 24th via Portugal’s Signal Rex, Teach Your Soul With Fire Vol. IV will be unleashed on cassette tape, just like its preceding editions.

It was back in the 1990s when underground black metal started to flourish all over the world, and nowadays bands like Behemoth, Ancient Rites, Moonspell, Mayhemic Truth, Grand Belial’s Key, and Hades, among many others, took part in the three editions of Teach Your Soul With Fire during ’93 and ’96. The years after, between ’98 and ’99, were of real delight for any black metal fan, be it in Portugal or elsewhere: the first three volumes of Teach Your Soul With Fire brought to many of us the best of what was being done outside the country. Yet the efforts weren’t the best, and several issues came in and didn’t make it possible for the labels back then to release the fourth and final volume of Teach Your Soul With Fire.

In 2014, Signal Rex approached the curator, and work started in order to have the final chapter of Teach Your Soul With Fire done. All original tracks and authorizations were reviewed, either by the curator or by the bands, during 2014 and 2015. Now, finally complete and in its intended form, this release is a Portuguese icon, a cultural mark of all black metal made until the present day, many of which has influenced the current underground landscape.

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Teach Your Soul With Fire Vol. IV track listing:

1. Mortifier – “From The Absu”
2. Flauros – “Stream of Tears”
3. Murder Rape – “Echoes from the New Millennium”
4. Negură Bunget – “Negrii”
5. Serpent Lore – “The Night Neverending”
6. Feikn – “Aamanden”
7. Holy Death – “Lord of Destruction”
8. Funeral Oration – “Pagan Joy”
9. Lunae Dies – “Decline of the Light”

1. Krieg – “Coronation”
2. Suicidal Winds – “Carnal Lust”
3. Mystical Fate – “Flying To The Fate”
4. Hefeystos – “Leśny Tron”
5. Firstborn Evil – “Throne Of The Serpent”
6. Crypthowl – “Of Seductress In Obsequal Attire”
7. Sortilege – “Haunting the Night” (bonus epic version)
8. Centuries of Deception – “…Only War & Hate Survived…”
9. Zaratustra – “With A Black Horse”
10. The Second Moon – “Long Ago in a Hidden Valley”

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