SHUN share “Sleepwalking” video

Band: SHUN
Song: “Sleepwalking”
Director: Jim Harris
Album: SHUN
Release Date: June 4th, 2021
Label: Small Stone Records

Comments guitarist/vocalist Matt Whitehead of clip:

“We shot the video for ‘Sleepwalking’ in Greenville, South Caroline inside a warehouse where a friend works. It was directed, shot, and edited by Jim Harris after-hours under the various lights we borrowed from people. Jim managed to capture the lyrical themes and overall vibe of the song in a fast-paced performance-based video and was able to produce exactly what we wanted.

The original intent was to mime the performance while the track blasts over the PA like most other bands work. We tried that but didn’t even get halfway through one take before Jeff [Baucom] stopped and suggested that we play full volume which ended up being way more fun. The DIY approach with the guerilla-style shoot in a friend’s warehouse, borrowed lights, and a close friend making it all work on camera just seemed to fit with the way we recorded the entire album under quarantine.”


[via New Noise Magazine]