Shadow Of Doubt streaming new song “No Mercy”

Shadow Of Doubt have released an audio stream of the title track to their upcoming debut EP, No Mercy. Guitarist Patrick Flanigan offered:

“I came up with the intro to ‘No Mercy’ first. There is a cool key change in the riff which I love doing, especially with heavy music. ‘No Mercy’ never really lets up. It stays hard hitting the whole time which I think makes it the strongest song on the EP. The song is very thrash influenced but with a lot of New York hardcore style to it, which really showcases our musical direction. The lyrics are about how we seem to be going backwards instead of progressing, and all of the consequences that come with that. I wrote the song right after the election so I was pretty pissed at the time. The theme of this EP and the title track is that you will get no mercy from this unrelenting world.”

The effort is set for release through WAR Records on June 2nd. Pre-orders are live now at the label’s Big Cartel, the group’s Bandcamp, and iTunes.

[via New Noise Magazine]