Set Your Anchor drop new single “Moving Mountains”

Photo by: Justin Urban

Official press release:

Set Your Anchor, one of Artery Global’s latest signings, has debuted their new music video for their single “Moving Mountains” with New Noise Magazine. The San Bernardino, CA quartet has been pushing the boundaries of melodic hardcore since 2009 and their latest offering brings the same intensity matched with heavy hitting grooves. Produced by Kelly Cairns (As I Lay Dying), the urgent and aggressive vocals come in underneath an almost delicate guitar riff and it sets a manic tone for the rest of the song.

Vocalist Brandon Heatley said of it:

“This song is about being trapped inside of your own head, struggling with anxiety and depression. Trying to treat it with whatever means necessary but, even then the thoughts and depression still continues to grow becoming more of a problem each day, and one day hoping for a change.”

“Moving Mountains” is available now on Spotify.