Australian pop punks Set The Score have a new music video out for their latest single “Homebound”, check it out below courtesy of Dreambound Music. The clip was shot by Crystal Arrow Films. Vocalist David Bell said of the song:

“Lyrically “Homebound” is about my experiences with someone that I shared my whole life, who chose to go down the path of drugs and the influence they had over me.”

Guitarist Matt Van Duppen adds:

“Instrumentally, I wanted “Homebound” to nail all the basics of song structure and songwriting.”

Drummer Adam Pinzone also comments on the song, offering:

“It’s got the intro that sets the feel of the track right from the start, the catchy chorus melodies, the interesting bridge, and we’ve made sure it all gels together. I think we’ve done that.”

The song is available digitally now on iTunes. The group will be performing on Sunday, May 21st at Wrangler Studios in their native Melbourne. The band will be taking the stage alongside Terra, Stuck Out, and Better Half.