All photos by: JoshDoeVisuals

This past Monday, September 15th, I was privileged to see Skeletonwitch perform on their current North American tour with Ghoul and Black Anvil. The night was a complete success with each band delivering stellar sets. Local Tampa band From The Embrace were also present but unfortunately a missed exit and traffic kept me from enjoying the set from the progressive death metal outfit. A quick set change and before you knew it Black Anvil took the stage and delivered a crushing set of black metal. The New York quartet were relentless in their assault, laying down heavy guitar riffs and thunderous drums.

Ghoul was on next and they brought with them a performance that I did not expect. Up until then I had only heard of the band but not their music or anything regarding their live show. I was beyond impressed by California metallers who brought on stage an array of characters that would make GWAR proud – I hope these two bands tour some day if they haven’t already. The crowd was incredibly receptive to their antics and track after track of thrashing riffs; all bets were off as moshing, headbanging, and stage-diving all ensued.

Then, it was time, one final change of gear and banners – major props go out to the crews – before the lights went dim and it was time for Skeletonwitch to destroy! As soon as they hit the stage the band were unstoppable playing tracks covering their entire discography from Beyond The Permafrost to their latest release Serpents Unleashed. A huge fan of the band I was definitely pleased to hear some of my favorite tracks performed. Needless to say the following days involved much soreness in my neck after a night of hearty headbanging and windmilling. Skeletonwitch are a force to be be reckoned with as they continue to deliver both in their releases and on stage. I don’t know about you but I, for one, will take every chance I can to catch this great band live.