Secret Cutter premiere “Doormat”

Photo by: Tim Wynarczuk

Band: Secret Cutter
Song: “Doormat”
Album: Quantum Eraser
Release Date: July 6th, 2018
Label: Deathwish Inc.

The band comments:

“When we are asked what genre of music we play we never know how to answer. People have referred to us as a grind band even though most of our material is slower paced. If we have any song that could be considered grindcore, ‘Doormat’ would be it. We felt this was nice progression from some of the grind stuff we have done in the past. Mixing speed with heavy riffing that defines our slower sludge metalish style.”


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  • Quantum Eraser track listing:

    1. “Introduction”
    2. “Trampled By Light”
    3. “Bended Knew”
    4. “4 1/2 ”
    5. “Transient”
    6. “Vow Of Obedience”
    7. “Mantis”
    8. “Doormat”
    9. “Delayed Choice”
    10. “Avalanche”
    11. “Oblivion”

    [via CVLT Nation]