Scuorn‘s music video for their song “Sepeithos” is now live. The group said of the track:

“The song reveals the legend of gods Vesevo (the volcano Vesuvius) and Sebeto (Sepeithos in ancient greek, a river who used to divide the city of Neapolis from its older part Palepolis). The giants battled over the beautiful daughter of Neputune, Leucopetra, spreading destruction all around: Vesevo was spitting torrents of fire, while Sebeto smashed stones into a water causing it to splash and to put out the flames. Their presence and dominance were respected and honored by the first Neapolitan settlers, who handed down their lore through the centuries.”

The song is taken from the group’s latest outing Parthenope, out now through Dusktone. Head over to the band’s Big Cartel for copies.