Scorched streaming new album Ecliptic Butchery

Band: Scorched
Album: Ecliptic Butchery
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
Label: 20 Buck Spin

Streaming exclusive via Decibel.

Frontman Matt Kapa offers:

“We’re extremely excited to finally share this with everyone. We had a vision when we started this band and we have built upon that with each release. Finally, with our newest addition of Federico Dimarco on guitar, we were able to create exactly what we have been aiming for. With Eclipitic Butchery, the demented murderer we have always written from the perspective of discovers through flashbacks and night terrors that he has been given the duty to report back to creatures from beyond who have abducted him and returned him to earth after torturing and experimenting on humans.”


  • 20 Buck Spin webstore
  • Bandcamp
  • Ecliptic Butchery track listing:

    1. “Blood Splatter Eclipse”
    2. “Disfiguring Operations”
    3. “Astral Savior”
    4. “Bodies Collect”
    5. “Exhibits Of Torture”
    6. “Mortuary Of Nightmares”
    7. “Darkness Infests”
    8. “Barbarous Experimentation”
    9. “Dissected Humanity”