Satanarchist are streaming a new track off their upcoming record Fire Against The Wall titled “Tempest Of Sorrow”. Listen via an exclusive stream over at Decibel. They said of it:

‘Tempest Of Sorrow’ (originally ‘The Two-Thousand Years Plague’) is among the earliest songs we wrote for First Against The Wall. It’s about a dream I had a long time ago where all people who adhere to a religious faith wake up one morning suddenly stricken by the realization that religion had always only been a myth, and by the gravity of all the pain and suffering caused by agents of the church. Through the genocidal squashing of indigenous cultures throughout the history of colonization, the denial of healthy expressions of human sexuality, the protection of sexually abusive members of clergy, and the psychological violence leveled against LGBTQ people today among countless other examples, the institution of religion has caused unfathomable harm for far too long. This song imagines a world where proponents of it realize the traumas caused by their beliefs and experience a commensurate depth of remorse and shame.”

The group are release the new record independently on June 2nd. Pre-orders are available at their Bandcamp page.