Satan 2

Official press release:

Following the success of their recent South American tour, British heavy metal titans, Satan, are set to release their new studio album this October via Listenable Records. Titled Atom By Atom, the ten-track monster was recorded at Newcastle’s First Avenue Studios, mixed and mastered by Dario Mollo (Crossbones, The Cage, Voodoo Hill), who helmed the band’s 2013’s critically-acclaimed comeback album Life Sentence, in Italy, and includes a collaboration with Angel Witch’s Kevin Heybourne. Cover art was commissioned to Eliran Kantor (Testament, Sodom, Sigh, Iced Earth etc.) who also crafted the art for Satan’s previous opus.

Issues guitarist Steve Ramsey of the upcoming full-length:

“We wanted to keep some continuity going with both the look and sound of this album. We’ve been working on the music for nearly two years now and I think people will definitely hear a progression from Life Sentence. I can’t really describe it but I promise you, these songs will speak for themselves.”

Atom By Atom track listing:

1. “Farewell Evolution”
2. “Fallen Saviour”
3. “Ruination”
4. “The Devil’s Infantry”
5. “Atom By Atom”
6. “In Contempt”
7. “My Own God”
8. “Ahriman”
9. “Bound In Enmity”
10. “The Fall Of Persephone”

Satan 3

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