Official press release:

Brooklyn-based instrumental trio Sannhet have announced their third full-length album which is set for release on August 25th via Profound Lore Records. Titled So Numb, this nine-song collection was recorded and produced by Peter Katis (known for his work with Mercury Rev, Interpol, the National, and Oneida among others). Working with Katis, the production illuminates a more open sound for the band. While Sannhet‘s second album, the critically-acclaimed 2015 LP Revisionist, was bigger and harsher than their 2013 debut, here they offer a more wistful, melodic approach on So Numb. The band has unveiled the album’s soaring first single “Way Out” which can be heard here:

Though Sannhet meditate on life’s imperfect escapes, So Numb‘s nine songs showcase the band facing life’s pain and joy with their eyes wide open. The album’s emotional landscape is one of existential dread, melancholy, and loss – ammunition for escapists. Despite these existential conundrums, So Numb has an uplifting, euphoric feel and showcases what Sannhet does best: moving between extremes to create a dynamic that feels both climactic and anticipatory, dramatic and comfortably calm.

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So Numb track listing:

1. “Indigo Illusion”
2. “Sapphire”
3. “So Numb”
4. “Fernbeds”
5. “Salts”
6. “Way Out”
7. “Secondary Arrows”
8. “Sleep Well”
9. “Wind Up”