Sabaton have released a music video for a new single titled “Bismarck”. The song, however, is not the first single off the group’s upcoming, ninth studio effort The Great War. The group shared the following statement via their website,, following the video’s premiere:

“The most requested topic for a Sabaton song ever!

The fate of the ship Bismarck is a fascinating story we wanted to write about for a long time, but could not fit into any album.

So we decided to make it as a single release, and as a gift from us to you for being fantastic fans for the past 20 years.

Thanks to our friends at Wargaming and World of Warships we can also present it with a truly impressive video, well worthy of this song.

The talented team at Wargaming could ensure the historical accuracy of the scenes thanks to the models from their award winning game World of Warships, and the director Matthias Hoene, who won a Golden Lion at Cannes, were able to bring the band and story together.

The song ‘Bismarck’ was written over a year ago and we recorded it last summer in Black Lounge Studios with Jonas Kjellgren, who has also recorded and mixed our upcoming album The Great War.

Bismarck was a German Battleship and one of the biggest ever built in Europe.

Commissioned in August 1940 and sunk in May 1941 after an intense hunt in the North Atlantic. Though he now rests beneath the waves, players of World of Warships can still take this iconic ship into virtual battles.

For now the song is available at Youtube so you can enjoy this great video for free. 

At a later stage it will also be available on your favourite digital platform.

You wanted us to write this song, we heard you, and here is our tribute!”

If you’d like to learn more about the Bismarck last stand, it is the topic of the latest episode of Sabaton History; the group’s own history channel. You can find the episode below the “Bismarck” video, along with a “making of” for the clip.

The Great War is due out on July 19th through Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-orders recently went live and are availablehere.

The Great War track listing:

  1. “The Future Of Warfare
  2. “Seven Pillars Of Wisdom”
  3. “82nd All The Way”
  4. “The Attack Of The Dead Men”
  5. “Devil Dogs”
  6. “The Red Baron”
  7. “Great War”
  8. “A Ghost In The Trenches”
  9. “Fields Of Verdun”
  10. “The End Of The War To End All Wars”
  11. “In Flanders Fields”