RUIN debut “At One With The Earth And Worms” video

Band: RUIN
Song: At One With The Earth And Worms
Album: Spread Plague Death
Release Date: August 27th, 2021
Label: Nameless Grave Records, Goat Throne Records, Nero One Records

Founding singer Mihail Jason Satan reveals:

“An important part of our process is making sure that there’s enough variety that an unwary listener can never get complacent when listening to an album, and ‘At One With The Earth And Worms’ is one of the fastest songs on the album as a way to offset the slower songs around it. Morbid melodies, hypnotic tremolo rhythms, and dynamic sections of pummeling finish off the song to draw listeners into the world of murder, killing, death, and total madness that we want to bring you into! The putrid music is bookended with our typical creepy samples to twist things even further into the darkness.”


[via Invisible Oranges]