Rosetta streaming new track “Dètente”

Band: Rosetta
Song: “Dètente”
Album: Utopioid
Release Date: September 1st, 2017

Guitarist Matt Weed commented:

“This song was among the earliest we wrote. It came to represent a turning point in the album’s narrative and the first time we experimented with having multiple authorial/lyrical perspectives in one song.”

Regarding the new album, guitarist Eric Jernigan offered:

“Composing Utopioid, we were wholly devoted to realizing the concept, disciplining ourselves to let the narrative shape all parts of the album — not just the lyrics, but everything down to the subtle ways rhythm or effects could alter the mood. We quickly let go of the imperative to write for live performance; although we will play many of these songs live, we felt freedom to explore the furthest reaches of our skills and imaginations.”


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  • Utopioid track listing:

    1. “Amnion”
    2. “Intrapartum”
    3. “Neophyte Visionary”
    4. “King Ivory Tower”
    5. “54543”
    6. “Détente”
    7. “Hypnagogic”
    8. “Qohelet”
    9. “Intramortem”

    [via Decibel]