Crowd funding seems to be all the rage at the moment and now rocker/director Rob Zombie has decided to fund his current project, horror movie 31, by this means.

Donating to the project is not without its perks though and the perks go from cool to insane.

  • $15 – 31 movie poster, key chain w/ bottle opener and collector’s sticker pack.
  • $50 – One of the following: Rob Zombie autographed movie poster, 31 crew shirt, or a signed 31 DVD
  • $150 – Devil’s Rejects poster signed by Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie
  • $500 – One ticket to cast and crew screening
  • $750 – Special thanks on end credits
  • $1,000 (SOLD OUT) – Lifetime laminate which grants access to ANY Rob Zombie you get yourself to for LIFE
  • $1,500 – Cross from House of 1000 Corpses cemetery scenes
  • $2,000 – Michael Myers mask from Zombie’s 2007 Halloween remake
  • $2,500 – Original clown make-up design for the film created by Rob Zombie
  • $5,000 – Be an extra, get a photo with Rob Zombie, and visit the set, plus exclusive merch items
  • $10,000 – Get an Executive Producer credit in the film

    Metal Injection reported that for $300 Rob Zombie will follow you on Twitter but that doesn’t appear on the funding page. It’s possible they realized that’s not really worth it and removed it as one of the options.

    Aside from the supposed Twitter follow I think the rewards are pretty cool and worth what you’re paying for. It’s really just a matter of how big of a Rob Zombie fan you are and whether you have the money or not.