Scion A/V’s recent collaboration with skateboarder Riley Hawk, the Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP is now streaming in full. The compilation – which features brand new songs by some of Riley’s favorite bands – dropped this past Tuesday, January 20th, you can give it a listen, and downloaded it for FREE, above.

Hawk previously commented on the effort stating:

“Music is an important part of skateboarding, I think the two worlds have often been tied to each other. So, when Scion came to me with an opportunity to create a collection of music from my favorite bands, I jumped at the chance to get involved.”

If you have yet to see what the Scion x Riley Hawk Skate Tour xB looks like, here’s one better. The video below provides an inside look at all the snazzy features. This car is about a billion different kinds of cool! Check it out after the jump.

Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP track list:

1. Kadvar – “Into The Night”
2. LOOM – “Midnight Sol”
3. Black Angels – “Waterloo Waltz”
4. Hot Lunch – “Uprooted”