Lacuna Coil concluded the North American leg of their current tour supporting their latest release Broken Crown Halo last week at the House Of Blues in Orlando, FL. It was nothing short of a great evening that started with a phenomenal opening set by New York’s Cilver.

If I had a list of band’s to watch out for, you can bet that Cilver would be on it. The band delivers quality and energetic hard rock with stellar performances by each of the members. In a digital age with a music industry in decline, it’s increasingly important for a band to rely on drawing a crowd with memorable live performances and stage presence. The crowd reception goes to show that Cilver is a band that gives it their all live and can succeed because of it; they are on the rise with no sign of slowing down.

Lacuna Coil
Lacuna Coil followed suit with their own amazing set. As soon as the venue went dark the crowd roared and only got louder when the band hit the stage. The Italian hard rockers went on to give a fantastic fifteen-song performance that consisted of a varied mix of songs from their catalog. “Heaven’s A Lie” being the only cut from Comalies, the remainder saw the band exploring material from Karmacode through to their latest release Broken Crown Halo. It showcased their diversity and how far the band has come since their breakthrough. Though it has been nearly ten years since I’ve seen the band live they continue to put on a great show that demonstrates the kind of band chemistry that a group of friends doing what they love.